Welcome to Security Domes Anti-theft devices. We are leaders in the International marketplace for Anti-shoplifting systems, antishoplifting specialists, and security devices. Our catalog lists anti-theft, pull box, sensors, retractable. Recoiler®, cable, tether, alarm, sensors, display rack, locks, laptop security, retail merchandise protection, loss prevention. Security alarms, convex mirrors, safety mirrors, security mirrors, kids mirrors, and more.

Security Domes
Providing anti-shoplifting devices and loss prevention products for the global market

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We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of state-of-the-art security products, designed to reduce theft and shoplifting. Our products include electronic merchandise display alarms, clothing display alarms, stock mechanical cables, custom designed cables, recoiling devices, display case alarms, CCTV, mirrors, domes, cash drop boxes, annunciators, specially designed security for digital cameras and camcorders and more.

Our products are designed to enable retailers to securely and conveniently display merchandise while reducing shrinkage costs due to theft.

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